Monday, August 11, 2014

Forthcoming titles - August 2014

Forthcoming titles - click here to search for and place your hold on the ECRL catalog.


Title Author Pub Date
Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers McCall Smith, Alexander 02/17/2015
Crash & Burn Gardner, Lisa 02/03/2015
Double Fudge Brownie Murder Fluke, Joanne 02/24/2015
Mightier Than the Sword Archer, Jeffrey 02/24/2015
The Nightingale Hannah, Kristin 02/03/2015
Obsession in Death Robb, J. D. 02/10/2015
Twisted Innocence Blackstock, Terri 02/17/2015


Title Author Pub Date
Betrayed Scottoline, Lisa 11/05/2014
Blood Magick Roberts, Nora 11/05/2014
Change of Heart Deveraux, Jude 11/05/2014
Close to Home Jackson, Lisa 11/01/2014
Gossamer Ghost Childs, Laura 12/10/2014
The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe McCall Smith, Alexander 11/05/2014
Havana Storm Cussler, Clive 11/05/2014
Her Last Whisper Robards, Karen 11/26/2014
Leaving Time Picoult, Jodi 11/05/2014
Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel Kellerman, Jonathan 02/10/2015
Private India: City on Fire Patterson, James 11/11/2014
Revival King, Stephen 11/11/2014
Shopaholic to the Stars Kinsella, Sophie 11/05/2014
Virtue Falls Dodd, Christina 11/01/2014


Title Author Pub Date
Eyes Only Michaels, Fern 01/06/2015
Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel Kellerman, Jonathan 02/10/2015
The Nightingale Hannah, Kristin 02/03/2015

Marcia Ledin, Technical Services Manager

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Digital Library Features!

Yesterday, OverDrive launched two new features for managing your holds on ECRL's Digital Library that we think you'll enjoy!

Suspend a Hold

Many of our patrons already rely on this first feature to manage their holds list ECRL's Evergreen catalog, now take advantage of it for your eBooks and eAudiobooks as well: suspending your holds!  

Why: Suspending a hold lets you choose a window of time where you'll make progress on a title's waiting list without having the title become available for you to borrow. For example, you might want to suspend a hold for a popular eBook if you're on a long waiting list for it, but know you'll be unable to read it because you're in the middle of another title.  Or you may already be at your maximum checkout number.  If you make it to the first place in the waiting list while your hold is suspended, the title will go to the next user in line until your suspension period is over.  
  1. Log into your Account on your library's digital collection website.
  2. Select your Holds page.
  3. Select Suspend hold from the Options drop-down menu next to the hold you'd like to suspend.
    Screenshot of the options drop-down menu for a title on hold
  4. Choose the number of days you'd like to suspend your hold (options are 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, or 90 days) then select Submit.
  5. Once you suspend a hold, you'll see a red notification next to the hold that shows how long it will be suspended. 
    Screenshot of the hold suspended notification on the holds page
6. If you change your mind, finish your other book early, or suddenly have more reading time than you expected, you can change or cancel your suspension by selecting [Edit].

Automatic Borrowing of Holds

Don't check your email enough?  Afraid you might miss a Digital Library hold notification? Get busy and can't always log in to the Digital Library within 72 hours?  Here's your answer.  The second new feature in the Digital Library is automatic borrowing of holds! 

Why: You don't want to miss a title you've been waiting for and end up back at the bottom of the holds list! 

  1. Select Place a Hold to place an unavailable title on hold.
    Screenshot of the Place a Hold button
  2. In the pop-up that opens, make sure that "Automatically borrow this title when it becomes available" is selected.
    Screenshot of the automatic borrowing option on the hold form
You can turn automatic borrowing on or off for any title you've placed on hold by visiting your Holds page and selecting the [Edit] link under "Auto checkout."
Screenshot of the auto checkout setting for a title on the holds page
You will receive an email each time a hold is automatically borrowed for you. You can find these borrowed titles on your Bookshelf under your account, ready to download or read in your browser.  
Note: If you've borrowed the maximum number of titles allowed by your library and one of your holds becomes available, you'll receive an email letting you know that automatic checkout could not be completed for that hold. In that case, you'll need to return a title or wait for one of your borrowed titles to expire, then manually check out your hold.
Sarah Hawkins, Resource Librarian